World’s first infinite sample size AFM

The ICSPI Vertex is an AFM tool based on the patented AFM-on-a-Chip technology. In this AFM all scanners and sensors are integrated into a single 1 x 1 mm2 CMOS-MEMS chip and therefore nanoscale imaging has never been easier.

The Vertex AFM is a stage-less tool. It enables non-destructive nanoscale metrology of ultra-large samples removing the need for invasive sample extraction procedures.

The Vertex AFM is able to be flexibly deployed wherever 3D nanoscale data is required. It might be an aircraft wing, oil pipeline or nuclear reactor, all without leaving a scratch.

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) is one of the most used surface science techniques to investigate topography, surface roughness and thickness of coatings on different substrate materials. A very sharp tip or cantilever is moving across the surface giving height and mechanical information on the nanoscale. The nGauge is working in the so-called tapping mode providing very long cantilever lifetimes and 1000+ scans.

The Vertex AFM-on-a-Chip approach resulted in an alignment-free, laser-less and cost-effective AFM tool.

Further System Benefits
  • Fast – Collect data in less than 2 minutes
  • Easy to use – collect scans in 3 clicks
  • Infinite sample size – measure where it is needed
  • Laser-less system – no calibration/alignment
  • Portable – easy to transport
  • Ultra-durable probes – 1000+ scans possible
Application Areas
  • Oil pipelines

  • Nuclear reactor industry

  • Process control

  • Aircraft industry

Infinite sample size

Measure 3D metrology wherever it is needed. Using the ICSPI Vertex AFM you are not restricted to any sample size because it is stage-less system.

Integrated wireless operation mode

The Vertex AFM is battery operated and can be used remotely via WiFi or Bluetooth connection.


Easy to transport for operation in the field wherever it is needed.

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