Process Analytical Technology by Timegated® Raman

Seeing the Unseen in Fermentation

Timegate offers time-dependent Raman spectroscopy with its patented technology. The advantage: Even samples with native fluorescent components can be measured non-destructively, which is challenging for other techniques.

Timegate illustrated this with an example from the field of biotechnology. For this, the fermentation process of glucose with yeast, a simple representative biotechnological process, was measured simultaneously with continuous-wave Raman and time-gated Raman spectroscopy.

Be faster than your fluorescence!

In the application note, you will learn why time-gated Raman spectroscopy is proving to be a technique for monitoring the fermentation process.
And with that, the effectiveness of time-gated Raman for monitoring bioprocesses for qualitative and quantitative analysis compared to Raman spectroscopy becomes clear.