Automate your recycling separation

with the LaboACE LC-7080 from JAI

The LaboACE LC-7080 provides the operator with simple and intuitive event programming. Events such as repeated injection of samples, discarding junk peaks, recycling and collecting samples can be easily set up. A new feature, peak detection, automatically collects samples when peaks appear.

What are the special features?

  • Multiple ways of injection
  • Peak Detection
  • Recycling preparative chromatograph (patented)
  • Auto Cleanup Function
  • Reliable Solvent Delivery
  • Right Fraction Timing
  • Compact body with minimized dead volume
  • Simple and Intuitive Operation interface

Do you know the preparative recycling HPLC technique?

This is a separation technique that offers a fast and elegant approach for the purification of mg to gram quantities of starting materials, intermediates and end products.

The basic concept is to return samples to the beginning of the column in a closed loop after the column. With each cycle, the effective column length and resolution increase accordingly. No additional solvents are used during recycling. When the basic dissolution is reached, the samples are removed.