Hybrid Pyrolyzer JHI-08

Worlds first Hybrid Pyrolyzer for GC/MS

Pyrolysis is a thermal decomposition process used for materials at elevated temperatures. It is most common used in the analysis of organic materials. Generally speaking, the pyrolysis process of organic compounds produces volatile products of fragments by heating the starting material above its decomposition temperature. The pyrolysis process is heavily used in chemical industry.

Curie Point Pyrolyzer uses pulse heating method applied with induction heating and Curie Point of ferromagnetic properties. When ferromagnetic properties receive induction heating, it loses its magnetic properties and reaches up to its Curie Point (temperature is dependent on the material) in an instant. JAI has developed 21 different Curie Point pyro-foils with alloy as heat source. Each pyro-foil has one fixed Curie Point temperature, and they are highly stable.

The JAI JHI-08 hybrid pyrolyzer offers two heating methods combined in one single tool: Curie Point heating (CP-Py) and furnace heating (F-Py). It is the most versatile pyrolyzer which offers three different analysis modes like:

  • Pyrolysis Mode: CP-Py using Pyro-foils and F-Py using ceramic heaters depending on sample shapes,
  • Hybrid Mode: conduct thermal extraction and Curie Point pyrolysis on one sample without interruption,
  • EGA Mode (Evolving Gas Analysis): program multiple phases of temperature elevation with different duration and rate.

Py-GC (Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography) is a method of chemical analysis in which organic material is heated and thermochemically decomposed without participation of oxygen to produce smaller molecules that are separated by gas chromatography and detected using mass spectrometry.

The JAI JHI-08 is compatible with all major GC models.

Further System Benefits
  • Hybrid Pyrolizer – Curie Point and furnace heating
  • Curie Point heating – target temperature reached in 0,2 sec
  • EGA mode available – more flexible for different applications
  • 21 pyro-foils – large range of different temperatures
  • Single button operation – ease of use
  • No cross contamination in the flow channel – easily replaceable sample tube
  • Several accessories – expand the application fields (auto sampler, column inlet cooler)
Application Areas
  • Textile industry/engineering

  • Paint industry

  • Plastics and vulcanized rubber

  • Polymer samples

  • Polymer quantitative and qualitative analysis

  • Structural analysis in detailed point and thermal stability analysis

  • Odor analysis of food and flowers

  • Test of deodorant spray effectiveness

  • Indoor atmosphere analysis

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