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Who we are and what we stand for


Since 2004, we have been an owner-managed company with three main pillars.

We take over the distribution for niche manufacturers and thus enable small, innovative companies to effectively access the market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We also offer customer service for the systems and equipment we sell. Our contract analysis offers you access to our techniques because it is not always possible to justify an investment.

From the very beginning, we have attached great importance to sustainable and stable growth. This means that we have very close business relationships with all our manufacturers and understand the techniques in detail. We only include manufacturers and products in our portfolio that we are convinced of. You as a customer can rely on us as a dealer. We are your local contact for technical questions, service and everything that is necessary for the long-term operation of the systems.

Complex analytical questions are our daily business. Talk to us and we will find the right technology for you.

Our corporate culture is characterised by a high level of appreciation. Every single employee contributes significantly to the success of our company.

That is why we would like to introduce our entire team to you.


We see our company as clockwork and each department works closely with the others. Together we offer our customers a high added value.

Our employees from service, sales and laboratory are trained and further educated at the respective manufacturers. A high level of professional and also emotional competence is very important to us.

Unfortunately, we do not manage to reach the scientific depth of our customers. For this, we have the support of our manufacturers.

Whether in our laboratory services or the sale of equipment, we always offer the opportunity to try out our techniques. Ideally, this is done on a representative choice of your samples, and there is no cost to you.

Of course, we also make mistakes or things go wrong. We do not hide behind excuses but communicate precisely and offer quick solutions.


  • SuSoS AG, Switzerland

  • ZHAW, Switzerland
    Fachgruppe Bioprozesstechnologie
  • Universität Ulm, Germany
    Institut für Organische Chemie II und Neue Materialien
    Institut für Elektrochemie
    Institut für Oberflächenchemie und Katalyse

  • Justus-Liebig-Universität, Gießen
    Physikalisch-Chemisches Institut

  • TU Wien
    Analytical Instrumentation Center

  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
    Institute for Nuclear Waste  (KIT-INE)
    Institute for Applied Materials – Applied Materials Physics (KIT-IAM-AWP)

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