The EasyTom-L

RX Solutions unveils a new X-ray CT scanner

RX Solutions, a rising authority in X-ray CT scanning, is proud to announce the launch of the EasyTom-L, a major advancement in its EasyTom line of industrial computed tomography (CT) systems.

This new CT scanner embodies the company's ongoing commitment to technological excellence and offers superior performance, advanced features, and increased versatility. Pushing the boundaries of three-dimensional imaging for industrial and research applications, EasyTom-L strengthens RX Solutions' position as an innovative market leader meeting the ever-evolving needs of customers.

Unveil precision, embrace power: where extreme performances meet compact design!

RX Solutions unveils a new X-ray CT scanner combining versatility and high performance in a compact cabinet: the EasyTom-L

Versatility and customization for a wide range of applications

The EasyTom-L boasts features that were previously reserved for larger systems.  The machine’s maximized interior cabinet volume and optimized stage configuration accommodate parts and devices of all sizes.  It is capable of a dual-tube configuration which allows for the combination of both high-energy micro-focus (up to 300kV) and nano-focus applications. This extreme versatility expands possibilities for comprehensive inspections and high-resolution analyses. Integrated into a metrology-grade, high-precision granite mechanical system, the adaptive functionality of the EasyTom-L is further enhanced by its ability to interchange multiple imagers as needed. And, as with all EasyTom systems, the EasyTom-L comes with a unique set of scanning modes, ensuring exceptional image quality in any context and enhancing the machine's ability to provide precise and detailed results.

The versatility of this newest model in the EasyTom line of industrial CT scanners can meet the needs of a diverse range of industries including aerospace, automotive, and medical device manufacturing. These sectors will benefit from the flexibility of the EasyTom-L for in-depth analyses of various components. The system will also play a key role in advancing new energies, such as battery development for e-mobility and the hydrogen sector.

Furthermore, the EasyTom-L has been designed and optimized to meet the specific requirements of academic institutions. Fields such as materials science, biology, additive manufacturing, and geosciences will benefit from EasyTom-L's ability to deliver high-quality results. The system's design and open software facilitate the implementation of complex experimental setups with its optimized enclosure and stage.

Automating control processes

Features such as the internal sample changer and automated filter holder increase EasyTom-L’s automation capabilities and maximize its use.   Large, motorized doors can easily accommodate robotic loading.  Additionally, the thermal regulation of the internal volume ensures device stability for demanding metrology applications.

The system's operation can be programmed through custom user interfaces, making batch part analysis as simple as scanning a barcode. With such features, equipment operation and profitability are maximized, and process reliability and user comfort are optimal.

An easy-to-integrate, scalable CT scanner with low maintenance needs

The EasyTom-L features a compact footprint which allows it to pass through standard doors.  This makes installation very easy, enabling a larger number of facilities to accommodate a high-performance CT scanner. Thanks to innovative design, EasyTom-L’s equipment maintenance needs and operating costs are significantly lower than most microtomography systems on the market.  Plus, systems are currently readily available!

Moreover, the EasyTom-L is scalable: it is possible to add a second X-ray generator on-site to extend the system's capabilities towards high energies or very high resolution (0.4μm). Similarly, the user can add additional imagers to the system based on evolving needs or technological advances. This ensures an investment in reliable equipment adaptable to future needs.

Like all RX Solutions machines, the EasyTom-L is designed and assembled in Annecy, France and the radioprotection cabinet is made with recycled lead.

High-performance tomography made accessible to all

RX Solutions specializes in offering powerful and versatile CT scanners that are accessible to a large audience and capable of analyzing components with various sizes and geometries at very high resolution.  The EasyTom-L exemplifies this commitment to excellence, versatility, and accessibility, further distinguishing RX Solutions as an emerging leader in the field of industrial CT.

RX Solutions is excited about the benefits the EasyTom-L will bring to industry and laboratory settings

Enzo DiLuigi RX Solutions

"With the EasyTom-L, we have synthesized our advanced expertise in the field of micro and nano tomography into a single, compact, high-quality, versatile, scalable, and user-friendly system. We look forward to seeing the EasyTom-L in action, improving analysis and quality control capabilities for our customers and contributing to the advancement of various industrial and academic sectors."

Enzo DiLuigi, General Manager - RX Solutions

The EasyTom-L is available now and ready to be integrated into industrial and academic facilities worldwide.