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The starting signal for Physical Electronics GmbH in its present form was given in 2004. However, our history goes back to the beginnings of surface analysis in the early 70s. Since that time, we have focused on the added value for our customers.

Trust is the foundation of our corporate culture and also of any long-term business relationship. We have been active as a service provider in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for many years and serve customers from all areas of research and industry. With many of these customers, we maintain business relationships that have lasted for decades. We want to further strengthen this foundation and are continuously working to improve ourselves. Feedback from our partners and customers is important to us, and we regularly reflect on whether we are fulfilling the demands of our partners, customers and ourselves.

Our structures are lean and optimized for effectiveness and efficiency. This allows us to react quickly to trends and markets. Our departments are closely interlinked and allow us a broad view of customer needs and market developments. We look to the future without forgetting the past.

Characterisation of


Understanding surfaces, layer systems and their interfaces

Non-destructive component characterisation

3D computed tomography

Non-destructive view into complex components. Measure hidden structures and determine porosity.

Measuring surfaces

Atomic force microscopy

Nanometre-precise imaging of the surface

Imaging Techniques

Electron Microscopy

High-resolution imaging instruments

Spectroscopy and

Instrumental analysis

Understanding the chemical composition of materials

Delivering Value

Our services

Our focus is on customer added value

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„Here at SuSoS AG, we have been successfully operating an XPS system from PHI Electronics for several years. Close contact with PHI Electronics, the high quality maintenance and expert technical support at all times, is one of the main reasons for the success of our Surface Analytical Service. Even with short-term inquiries in other analytical areas, such as ToF SIMS, PHI Electronics is always quick and competent in assisting us with performing the analysis on their devices in Ismaning.”

zhaw Life Sciences und Facility Management

„Timegated technology could help us in several ways to better tackle confounding factors that we have to deal with in the complex matrix of biotechnological cultures. Ideally, we hope to achieve greater specificity in tracking selected substances we are interested in during production in bioreactors.“

Logo Uni Giessen

“We have been working with a PHI VersaProbe 1/2 since 2011 and the instrument has delivered very good performance with remarkable durability. We had some years with almost 6000 hours of operation, low downtime and fast repairs. The instrument has put us in a position to perform many novel and interesting measurements on a wide variety of materials, especially concerning battery research and has produced data for literally hundreds of publications. PHI-GmbH has always been a great company to work with.”

“In the course of our many years of professional cooperation (installation began on 8.10.1974, 50th anniversary next year, at that time still via BALZERS), we have always felt very well looked after. This starts with advice in the case of equipment procurement over several equipment generations and is consistently continued with the maintenance and servicing service. With the very extensive updates and upgrade options, PHI also shows that they think sustainably. Our 680 basic unit from 1989 is now running with the latest control electronics and electron source at the technical level of the current 710-unit generation!”

Tobias Weingärtner, KIT - IAM - AWP

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Our Trusted Partners

Our Trusted Partners

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