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Lightigo FireFly

Rapid Multi-Element Analysis and Chemical Imaging

FireFly is a laboratory analytical instrument specialized in rapid multi-elemental analysis and chemical imaging. The technology behind the FireFly is Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy or shortly LIBS.

In LIBS a pulsed laser is used as an excitation source and energy carrier. The laser irradiates the sample and ionizes a small amount of sample material. A microplasma is created and during its cool down phase, the plasma radiates a spectrum which is characteristic for individual chemical elements present in the sample.

The FireFly is a robust and easy to use system. It allows fast multi-elemental analysis of solid samples without the need of complicated sample preparation. You obtain results within seconds.

Further System Benefits
  • Low detection limit of 1-100ppm
  • High spatial resolution of 10-150µm
  • Large scanning area and fast scanning rate
  • Fast results at a low cost of operation
  • Measure almost the full range of elements including Li, Be, Mg etc.
Lightigo FireFly Elemental imaging
Lightigo FireFly Elemental imaging

Multi-layer chemical map of Hg, Ca and Mg in a human tooth section

Application Areas

There is a wide range of successful applications. The following list only represents a very small portion of possible applications.

  • Tissues – Indirect detection of biomarkers through nanoparticle tags

  • Metals – Depth Profiling and characterization of coatings

  • Geology – Structural analysis of rocks and investigation of inclusions

  • Plastics – Classification of polymers, including the combination with Raman spectroscopy

  • Biology – Detection of heavy metals and toxic elements in plants


Immediate results of chemical analysis – from a fraction of a second. Up to kHZ measurement repetition rate.

Wide element coverage

Most of the chemical elements can be detected, including the light ones (H, Li, Be, MG, Na, Mg, Na, N, O, and C)

High spatial resolution

Precise spot analysis with resolution from 10μm enables detailed chemical imaging.

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