Stop compromising when working with LIBS


Are you tired of compromising when working with LIBS?

Look no further than FireFly - an analytical instrument that offers rapid multi-elemental analysis and chemical imaging. FireFly is based on Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), which is considered to be one of the most promising techniques in elemental analysis available today.

Working with Lightigo's LIBS system offers numerous advantages, including its speed and accuracy.


Get reliable results

No more unstable LIBS systems!

Benefit from high stability, automated performance tracking and step-by-step adjustment guides of the FireFly device.

Work with all-in-one Software

Do not get distracted with multiple control software for each component.

All parts of the FireFly device are controlled by one unified software interface.

See the sample clearly

No more blurry and narrow sample views.

Enjoy the sharp and crystal-clear sample view of the FireFly.  A full-featured digital microscope is equipped with a motorized objective turret, automated image sticking, etc...

More benefits

Use all the modes easily

Follow the important spots and use the different ways of measurement.

Measure multiple spots as a batch, scan along the line perform large-area high-resolution elemental imaging or explore the depth profile.
The number of spectra per spot and averaging are also available of course in our Firefly control software.

Quickly process MPx images

Complement your results with elemental maps!

Thanks to the optimized memory management, handling millions of spectra in a single measurement is not a problem as well as a real-time generation of elemental images.

Publish-ready data export

Do not wait to organize your results, our system has it all prepared for you.

Utilize a ready-made report template or create your own! Individual spectra, maps and images can be exported in multiple standardized file formats: MS Word report, H5 data file, ASCI/TXT, JPG, PNG, ...