Delong LVEM 25E

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The latest compact all-purpose TEM

With an image resolution of up to 1.0 nm and the ability to image conventionally prepared specimens, the LVEM 25E is a truly universal instrument. This compact and powerful electron microscope takes up slightly more space than the LVEM 5. Equipped with TEM, STEM, SEM, EDS and ED modes, it offers the user the unique ability to obtain multiple data results from a single sample and easily switch between imaging modes via intuitive software.

Combining naturally high contrast with a space-saving and portable design, the LVEM 25E represents a remarkable advance in universality and compactness.

Further System Benefits
  • Image resolution up to 1 nm
  • Five imaging modes in one instrument: TEM, STEM, SEM, EDS and ED modes
  • Unmatched contrast for light elements
  • Ideal for biological & polymer applications
  • Meaningful results without staining
  • Quick sample exchange allows for high throughput imaging
  • Fully integrated and portable design
  • Easy to use, small footprint
Application Areas
  • Life Sciences

  • Pathology & Neurology

  • Virology

  • Drug Discovery

  • Cell Biology

  • Material Science

  • Composite Materials

  • Nanomaterials

  • Polymers

  • & more

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