Based on the Vision of Prof. Armin Delong, that every scientist should have the opportunity to regularly use a transmission electron microscope, Delong Instruments was founded in 1992 in Czechoslovakia.

With its affordable TEMs, which fit into every regular lab, Delong Instruments not only shares the professor’s name but also his Vision.

Today, with the LVEM 5 and the LVEM 25E, there are two low-voltage and high-contrast TEMs available in the market. Both systems are used by scientists worldwide and enable them to analyze materials in a way not possible with conventional TEMs.

Besides this instrument business, Delong Instruments is well known for its DIGUN Schottky Electron Gun as well as the development and engineering of very special research systems. All this technical knowledge is part of the LVEM product family and makes the instruments, robust, reliable and a routine tool for everyday research.