Logo JAI

Japan Analytical Industry was founded in September 1965 as a company focused to develop and manufacture analytical instruments and is located in Akishima, which is about 2.5hours west of Tokyo. Since its first days Japan Analytical Industry was pioneering the world of analytical instruments and offer a very wide range of high-quality products.

The main product line is the recycling preparative HPLC LaboACE series. Beside that JAI offers a Curie Point Injector, Pyrolyzer, Thermal Desorption and Outgas Collector. All products have unique capabilities and offer a significant added value to research and development. JAI is known for its robust product design the very long product lifetime.

Naoki Oguri - JAI

“Since the day of establishment, our mission has been set to develop and manufacture analytical instruments that are unlike any other in the world and contribute to science and technology. I believe this is how we have always been a world pioneer of analytical instruments manufacturer. We continue to challenge ourselves to keep up with world highest technology and make contribution to science and technology. In addition to developing and delivering excellent instruments, we, of today, focus on creation of instruments that can bring intangible added value.

We are also a company engaged in social contribution to our partners and local community. We continue in our effort to be a company where our employees find their work rewarding and take their pride in their work. We appreciate your continuous support and look forward to your continued patronage of our products in the future.”

Naoki Oguri Ph.D, President