Timegate Instruments is a company based in Oulu, Finland. With a strong scientific background, they have developed and patented the Timegated® Raman technology which they have also commercialized. The PicoRaman allows the true fluorescence rejection and opens new possibilities in the Raman spectroscopy.

The first success of this technology was in the mining industry. In the meantime, Timegate has established the Timegated® Raman technology in a wide filed of applications. The team continues its efforts, to spread the joy of time-gating and ensure that it is available for all who want to get more out their material analysis.

‘’We are the first and only company worldwide to commercialize Timegated® Raman technology capable of time-resolved measurements without fluorescence interference. With the revolutionary Timegated® Raman technology, we are widening the application and operation areas of Raman spectroscopy as well as offering more data in real-time, online.

Our mission is to make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer by more efficient process monitoring, exploring depleting raw materials and producing resources for living.’’

Mari Tenhunen , CEO, Co-founder