Launching Novel Timegated® Raman Spectrometer

For Real-Time, Online Monitoring

Are you looking for solutions in industrial process monitoring?
Preferably online in real-time?
Introducing the world’s first and only Timegated® Raman Technology with a real fluorescence rejection!

What’s new?

  • custom-made detector

  • faster measurements

  • compact and handy design

  • better integration

  • sensitive and unser-friendly

Timegate has developed the M3 as a user-friendly, compact and portable design, removing the complexity of spectrometer use.

Easy to integrate into the process environment!

The advantage for you, no sample preparation!

The advantage for you, short set-up time!

The PicoRaman M3 gives you 10 to 40 times faster measurements than previous generations of Timegate® Raman instruments.

Wider application areas than ever

Because of effective fluorescence rejection

Wider operation areas than ever

Because ambient light and thermal emission do not interfere the measurement

More data than ever

With combined Raman and time resolved fluorescence data

Your real advantages:

  • Faster time to market because better understanding of the process mechanisms.

  • A reduced number of process failures.

  • Optimised process control.

  • Improved productivity and product quality through real-time data.

  • Lower operating costs by eliminating the need for analytical consumables and saving analyst time.