Curie Point Injector JCI-77

New type of portable Curie Point Pyrolyzer

Pyrolysis is a thermal decomposition process used for materials at elevated temperatures. It is most common used in the analysis of organic materials. Generally speaking, the pyrolysis process of organic compounds produces volatile products of fragments by heating the starting material above its decomposition temperature. The pyrolysis process is heavily used in chemical industry.

The JAI Curie Point Injector JCI-77 is an advanced portable pyrolyzer device. It consists of a control unit for heating and the injector device. It is possible to inject solid, liquid and VOC samples for example into GC or GC/MS systems.

While conventional pyrolyzers have to be connected to the GC injection port, the JCI-77 can be used only when needed and removed when the injection is finished at all. It does not require complicated and time-consuming installation work to be positioned at the GC system inlet port.

The Curie Point heating prevents for secondary reactions and further decomposition process, and it is extremely fast and flexible (21 different Pyro-Foils are available for a temperature range from 160°C up to 1040°C).

Py-GC (Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography) is a method of chemical analysis in which organic material is heated and thermochemically decomposed without participation of oxygen to produce smaller molecules that are separated by gas chromatography and detected using mass spectrometry.

Further System Benefits
  • Portable – connected to GC inlet only when needed
  • High pre-heating temperature 250°C – improved reproducibility
  • Sample tubing baking mode – clean sample tubes
  • Solvent purge mode – remove water and solvent
  • Curie point heating – target temperature reached in 0,2 sec
  • 21 Pyro-foils available – large temperature range
  • Variable pyrolysis time – from 10 sec to 30 sec
Analysis of flavor components of orange marmelade
Application Areas
  • Py-GC of vulcanized rubber

  • Odor analysis of food and flowers

  • Test of deodorant spray effectiveness

  • Indoor atmosphere analysis

  • Py-GC of Nylon 6.6

  • Organic materials

  • Polymer samples and additives

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