PHI nanoTOF 3

TOF-SIMS and patented Parallel Imaging MS/MS

PHI’s nanoTOF 3 is the most recent generation of TOF-SIMS instruments. The patented parallel Imaging MS/MS and the TRIFT Analyzer, two major characteristics, enable TOF-SIMS on highly topographical surfaces, high mass accuracy, high mass resolution, and unambiguous peak identification with parallel tandem MS imaging.

It has a wide range of options for optimizing performance for both organic and inorganic materials.


Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (TOF-SIMS) provides elemental, chemical state, and molecular information from surfaces of solid materials. The average depth of analysis for a TOF-SIMS measurement is approximately 1 nm.

Further System Benefits
  • New dual-beam charge neutralization for fully automated analysis of insulating samples
  • New Bi cluster emitter with smaller beam diameter for improved high-throughput HR2 imaging
  • Confident chemical & molecular analysis of curved rough & charging samples
  • Tandem mass spectrometer for rapid imaging and accurate peak identification
  • New automated stage and in-vacuum parking for high sample throughput
  • Solutions for in situ characterization of advanced materials
The heart of the PHI nanoTOF 3 is the Trift Analyzer

This design brings a unique 3D analysis capability that combines in-situ focused ion beam sectioning with high mass resolution and high spatial resolution imaging (HR2) to provide 3D chemical characterization.

Application Areas
  •  Pharmaceuticals – distribution of ingredients
  • Paints, Coatings – loss of stability and delayering
  • Insulators – analysis of non-conducting materials
  • Depth profiling – 3D analysis of layered materials
  • Organic materials – electronics and photovoltaics
  • Contaminant identification – automotive parts
  •  Fuel Cell membrane – composition and elemental distribution
  •   Lithium battery electrodes – composition and elemental distribution

Confident Chemical Analysis of All Samples

For chemical imaging of flat and rough samples, the mass spectrometer delivers high collection efficiency, high mass resolution, high mass accuracy, and high signal-to-background spectra all at the same time. Because of the spectrometer’s TOF-TOF optics design, accurate elemental and molecular imaging of highly topographic, textured, and FIB-sectioned samples is a unique capability.

Parallel Imaging with Identification

TOF-SIMS and tandem MS data are acquired simultaneously, in parallel, and without discarding ions from the same analysis volume.
The MS2 production spectrum can be used to identify precursor ion composition directly from the production spectrum or by comparison with mass spectral databases. The parallel imaging MS/MS spectrometer also improves detection sensitivity for species where the peak of interest exhibits mass interference by detecting a unique production.

Simultaneous Spatial and Spectral Resolution of Chemistry

It is no longer essential to choose between optimal imaging and spectroscopy; PHI’s proprietary HR2 mode of operation provides both in a single quick analysis.

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