NeoScan N80, N70, N60

Scientific X-Ray Microtomography

Neoscans product range consists of three different benchtop microCT instruments.

The N80 is the highest performance instrument available and comes with e 110kV source. It was optimized for performance without compromise.

The N70 is a fast and flexible instrument for laboratories with a limited budged by a high demand in performance. It is equipped with a 100kV x-ray source.

The N60 is the most compact system and has a 65kV x-ray source. It is a system which will fit in every lab.

Further System Benefits
  • Fit in every lab
  • Affordable for every budget
  • High resolution
  • High image quality
  • Require virtually no maintenance
Bone scanned with the NeoScan N80
Application Areas
  • Food

  • Dental

  • Bone

  • Electronics

  • Geology

  • Pharma

  • Composites

Additional Equipment

Automatic Sample Changer

Non-stop automatic 3D scanning of your various samples in N70 and N80

24 positions
High capacity requires less operator interaction

Always accessible (outside shielded area)
Replace scanned samples anytime without interrupting the ongoing scans.

Individual scan protocol for every sample
Automatic and operator-selected protocols can be used

Easy installation
Simple mounting / dismounting by operator.

Thermal Stage

Cooling and heating in a wide temperature range for large object volumes

Cooling and heating
One single accessory for temperature control above and below ambient temperature

-40°C below ambient up to +120°C
A wide range of temperatures can be applied

Thermal stability for large volumes
25W Peltier heatpump keeps objects up to several cubic cm at a selected temperature

No additional cables required
Connection through slip rings embedded in NeoScan systems

Compression/Tensile Stage

In-situ scanning under high forces

Compression and tensile
A single accessory for scanning during force-controlled experiments

+1000N compression, -1000N tension
Controlled high loads can be applied with accurate force and displacement measurements

Large sample volume
Up to 22mm object diameter, up to 33mm start compression length

No additional cables requires
Connection through slip rings embedded in Neoscan systems

NeoScan Software

All-in-one software tool

Neoscan microCT systems are supplied with an in-house developed all-in-one software tool for intuitive scanner control and processing data. From acquisition of a full series of 2D projection images, reconstruction into a 3D volume, to visualization and inspection of this volume in 2D and 3D, the software bundles all complementary steps from sample to result.

The Neoscan software package includes an intuitive user interface, which will guide you through your straightforward workflow, allowing to use it instantly. All final and intermediate results are stored in conventional file formats and can be imported to any other software.

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