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EasyTom S

High Resolution Industrial Microfocus CT System for Inspection of Small Parts

The EasyTom S is a very compact and powerful CT system for small to medium-sized parts. The compact design allows a small footprint and makes the EasyTom S the CT system for almost every lab. At the same time no compromise is made regarding performance. The EasyTom S can be equipped with different X-Ray Sources from 110kV to 150kV. A resolution down to 2µm/voxel is achieved. A Flat panel or high-resolution camera is available to detect the X-Rays.

Further System Benefits
  • Long lasting investment
  • High performance
  • Flexible solution
  • Filter changer
  • Sample loader
  • High resolution camera
Fast return on investment

EasyTom S is an affordable piece of equipment, both operationally and financially. In addition to its low cost of acquisition, the EasyTom S has been designed to reduce operating costs to a minimum thanks to components which does not need to be maintained.

Application Areas
  • Automotive

  • Aerospace

  • E-Mobility

  • 3D Printing

  • Art & Jewellery

  • Composite

  • Electronics

  • Injection molding

  • Medical & Dental

  • Foundry

  • Oil & Gas

  • Polymer & Elastomer

  • Academic Research & Science

Simple operations

RX Solutions EasyTom S has been designed to be easy to operate by any user. With its simple and intuitive interface, the EasyTom S allows anyone to start a CT scan. Only little training is required to be able to use the CT equipment.

Easy integration

EasyTom S is a compact CT system. Its dimensions are 1430 mm (W) x 900 mm (D) x 1870 mm (H), which means that this measuring equipment can easily be installed either into any R&D or metrology lab or near a production line.

Greater flexibility

The EasyTom S is designed to measure and evaluate complete parts. Its large internal volume coupled with its precise mechanics and a wide range of features make it suitable for any application ranging from material inspections to metrology evaluations.

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